Ever Wish There Was a Roadmap You Could Follow to Look Stylish?

how to dress your body shapeIn this day and age, appearance matters.

What you wear tells a story. Every item of clothing is another paragraph, page or chapter in your “story.” And that story has a tremendous impact on how others “see you” and what they repeat about you to others.

Studies on attractiveness show that people who look better are more likely to get a job and keep it, win friends, influence people and keep their partners interested.

Yes, the right clothes can change your life.

Looking Stylish: Made Simple

Unfortunately not all of us are born stylish. Not all of us achieve style easily. Truth is, most of us could do with some style advice every once in a while.

A style roadmap if you like …. But not any old roadmap.

For a start you’re not interested in the kind of superficial “advice” found in glossy magazines that are trying to please their advertisers. You also don’t want to have to lose 15 pounds or spend a lot of money. And most of all you don’t want to be condescended to by a self proclaimed style “guru.”

No, you just want some solid, smart advice on how to look stylish, that actually works. You just want to get rid of the frustration you feel after trying every clothes combination in your wardrobe and still not finding the right outfit. And you’re ready to shake yourself out of a style rut and start wearing clothes that look fabulous and make you feel positive and confident.

The Art and Science of Looking Fabulous

Master dressmaker and former model Robyn Roberts has been delivering smart clothing advice for decades to women of all ages and all dress sizes. I’m Jenna Halston and together we’ve distilled the vast body of fashion advice down to first principles and organized it into a series of easy to follow steps, all based on the science of looking fabulous.

(Yes there is a science to this. The “art” of looking stylish and the more intangible elements of attractiveness can be broken down into practical and accessible steps to follow.)

Oh, and we’re doing this for free.

Introducing Dress My Shape: The Ultimate Roadmap to Looking Stylish.

We’ve developed a focused course, delivered by email based on the fundamental pillars (the cornerstones if you like) of looking stylish. The emails will come straight to your inbox. You don’t have to do a thing.

Dress My Shape is dedicated to helping you look great no matter what your shape or dress size. We’ll help you identify the style mistakes you are making right now and provide you with a set of fashion shortcuts to really jump your style.

Think of it as a roadmap to looking stylish. To get it, all you need to do is click here and send us an email.